Santa Fe and The Fat City Horns

Guitar: Jerry Lopez

Jerry Lopez

Jerry Lopez

Born to a musical family in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Jerry began playing various instruments and singing professionally at a very early age.

By the time he was 14 years old he was a seasoned studio singer and touring musician with records playing all over the United States and abroad with over a dozen records airing all over the Southwest.

Throughout the years, Jerry has honed his skills as a guitarist, singer, and composer as well as a solid band leader, musical director and front man. As a sideman, he has performed with many artists that include just about all of his heroes.

As well as the many gigs he does on the road and in Las Vegas showrooms, He can be heard in just about every city in the US and overseas on jingles, television sound tracks and as a guest guitarist or singer with other artists.

His voice can be heard on the “Ritmo de Vida 3D” CD, a salsa group out of New York that is getting lots of East Coast play and is making it’s way out west, His work on the “Tortilla Factory’s”All that Jazz CD was nominated for a Grammy in 2009, and his discography over the years is lengthy.

Today, with Santa Fe & the Fat City Horns, many of those friends he’s toured and recorded with as well as his musical heroes show up to be “Guest Artists” with the band or sit in from time to time. People such as Bill Champlin, Tom Scott, Kenny Loggins, the Carlos Santana Band, Wayne Brady, Tower of Power, Clint Holmes, Ricky Peterson, Paul Peterson, Will Lee, Armando Peraza, etc. on and on.

Jerry is known and respected for his musical abilities as well as his integrity as a leader and friend to everyone he’s ever worked with in the business.



“Inside Musicast: Interview with Jerry Lopez.”